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Membership fee : US $30 for year.
American and Korean players can enjoy a game with his own mother language.
Membership service will be activated immediately after the membership fee is paid.
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Taste a real comfortable and elegant GO game at badukworld.
You will be satisfied from the bottom of your heart!

Service Features
1. You can play game on Windows, Apple, Linux and Android.
2. Fuzzy artificial intelligence helps you enjoy cozy and elegant playing games.
3. High-end clicking tech helps you protect your wrist articulation.
4. Non-glaring stones help you reduce your eye's fatigue.
5. Standard 42.5x45.5cm GO board is employed.
6. Games continue even after PC reboots.
7. You can freely change your ID and PW at anytime.
8. Board and Stones are the most natural and beautiful in the world.