Badukworld ICON Download  >>> Korean  

Download the Badukworld Icon to play online baduk games.
When downloaded, you will get the green Badukworld Icon on the desktop.
The green "Badukworld Icon" let you enter the game room.

 Badukworld Icon V.1376 Download ▶

▶ICON for Old Old XP 

= Installation =

1. Close the Game Room by clicking on EXIT button.⟿Important!
2. The icon is not installed when the Game Room is open.
3. Click the Download▶link above.
4. "Badukworld Icon" will appear on the desktop in a moment.
5. If there's a problem, Shutdown or Restart the computer and try it again.

▒  Non-Windows Users
▶ Install Windows first and then download Badukworld Icon.
▶ Run Windows on Mac: Parallels® Desktop19 for Mac.
▶ Mac & Linux users can install Windows using Oracle VirtualBox..
You can also install Windows on your MacBook Using "Boot Camp Assistant".
▶ Cellphone needs only Badukworld Game App at Google Play.